Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Sunday In Vienna

What a way to start a beautiful Sunday morning, listening to the Vienna Boys Choir at their home chapel on the grounds of the Hofburg.
An ideal time to take in some of the major sights in the Central District, no cars and tourists are just beginning to trickle in.

Excavated Roman and pre-roman foundations and construction in central Vienna.
There are so many things to see, including this creation by Austrian artist Friedensreich Hunfertwasser, who has a number of other projects around Vienna, including the design of the trash incinerator plant. Below is part of Haus Hundertwasser. There's not a straight line, a level floor or a pattern that's duplicated.
How about a ride on the Riesen Radt to catch a good panoramic view of Vienna. The Prater, amusement park is ideally located, from which to spot the major sights.
It's easy to see why Vienna is frequently voted as the most livable large city in the world. Aside from the history and architectural gems, the city is surrounded by little villages and vineyards, in most of which you'll find Heuringens (wine taverns), where they serve great cold cuts, something more substantial, pastries and of course, some great and very reasonably priced local wine. A great way to spend an afternoon, although you may have to appoint a designated driver.
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