Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Burgenland, the Austrian state a short distance east of Vienna is a major wine growing region, Joseph Haydn's home and also a recreational attraction with its Neusiedlee, a large shallow lake. The area is also dotted with small villages amongst the vineyards. Note the nests on top of the chimney - storks.
And of course where there are vineyards and villages, you'll find Heuringens, which are local wine bars that serve the local wine plus cold cuts, pastries and home cooked goodies - yummmmm.

Very similar to Pubs in England, except that the Heuringens are set in wine growing areas around Vienna and most of the seating is in small courtyards - very quaint. Note the bundle of flowers hanging above the entrance, this indicates that wine is being served. Mostly you'll see bundles of fir type limbs.
Yup, that's me

Burgenland, especially around Eisentadt, where Haydn was born, lived and was buried, is an area rich in musical tradition. We had the opportunity to attend a small private concert in Haydn's birth-home played on a restored Fortepiano, over 250 years old, claimed to have been used by Haydn himself.

 Coutyard of Haydn's birth home. Note the thatched roof.
 And now back to the storks. Here's a mama rearing the next generation of baby delivering storks.
 Next, on to the Wacau and the Danube, or "Donau", as it's locally called.



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