Thursday, June 2, 2011

Salzburg to Hallstatt

As you travel east and south out of Salzburg you come into a region named "Salzkammergut", which translates roughly into "Salt Chamber Country". A magnificent setting with high Alps, mountain lakes, little villages, mountain meadows, etc. It takes in parts of the states of salzburg, Upper Austria and Styria,
And believe it or not the above is the setting for Red Bull's headquarters, in Fusselsee, where its bountifully architected office campus blends in so well into the setting that the only give away we could see was a Red Bull machine through one of the window panes. The picture does not do the setting much justice. It's truly magnificent.

As we got further into Salzkammergut and closer to Hallstatt, the scenery really gets spectacular.
Next stop was Hallstatt with its much photographed village at the edge of the lake Hallstattsee.

 Both Fussl and Hallstatt are places where you could easily spend a week or so, just relaxing and soaking in the setting.

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