Thursday, May 19, 2011

Arrived in Frankfurt

A little bit groggy (jet lag) after a uneventful 8.5 hour flight from Atlanta to Frankfurt. Arrival 7:25AM local time and a new day, 1:25AM body time and wondering why we're still awake and starting a new day on top of that.

Anyways, neat scenery on the way to Ingendorf, near Bitburg, which is in the west central part of Germany and is where our youngest son and family live. No burbs, just little villages, with perhaps 10 - 20 houses dotting the rolling hill and valleys countryside. These villages have probably been here for centuries as is the case for Ingendorf.

And, yes the Autobahn is a hoot, should have my Corvette here or, maybe not.....

Anyways, a little jaunt up to England and then on to some serious exploring in Austria, starting with the Innsbruck area.


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  1. glad you had an uneventful journey over seas and arrived safely! I am looking forwrd to reading about your experiences -- please have a beer for me and some good food in my name along the way!!